About Mrs Bunny - The Teaching Resource Centre
About Mrs Bunny - The Teaching Resource Centre

Work-life balance is hard to achieve as a teacher so let us support you in obtaining this legendary item by producing professional, ready to use resources which are appealing to your children and save your vital time. We know how frustrating it is when teaching resources are inconsistent within their topic and this is something that Mrs Bunny will be eliminating with our new, expanding service.

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Hi! I’m Sammy, the face and founder behind Mrs Bunny – The Teaching

Resource Centre. I come from an experienced teaching background having

worked across all ages of the primary phase (including Early Years) with my

focus in Year 3 & 4. I have a passion for computing and undergraduate

experience in this field led me to spend time as a computing co-ordinator

for a large period of my time in school. This allows me to drive forward child-centred ideas and approaches. Throughout my teaching career, I have also worked with a high proportion of SEN children within the mainstream setting. For this reason, I incorporate many SEN strategies into my resources. Good practice for SEN is good practice for all.


I created this business for two main reasons. Firstly, I genuinely enjoy coming up with exciting, new ways to teach children and making attractive and appealing resources. Secondly, teaching is not just a career choice but a life choice. In making resources for others, I can help you to have time for the things that are important to you as a person, not just a teacher.

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About Mrs Bunny - The Person

Downloadable educational games

Although relatively small in terms of staffing, our ambitions are definitely not! We have big plans for what we want to make Mrs Bunny become and part of this has involved developing a roadmap to outline where we are heading.

Our roadmap shows what our goals are and how soon we are aiming to achieve them. If you have any questions or comments (or even better, any suggestions for extra things to add to our development timeline), please use the contact form on the home page with the subject 'future'.

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Into the future...