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Editing PDFs

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Sometimes you need to change something on a PDF. Maybe you've found a fantastic worksheet but it says WALT and you use LO, you want to print it with the date written on it to save the children valuable learning time or you want to give something to a year 4 child but don't want them to feel embarrassed because it says year 3 on it.

If the document you're trying to change is Word or Publisher or something similar, this is easy. Unfortunately, when you've got a PDF, things get a little bit harder. Fortunately it isn't as difficult as it first seems.

I'm going to show you how to change something using Adobe Acrobat Reader (or to more accurate, how to do the modern version of tippexing over it and writing what you want).

1. Open the PDF you want to change. Your screen should look something like this:

2. You will need to be able to see the tools pane. If it's already showing, skip to step 3. If not, click view, show/hide and tools pane (of if you're feeling clever, just press shift + F4).

3. We want to edit. The obvious button to press if Edit PDF. However, this will make us upgrade to a paid version and we probably don't want to pay money simply to change something very straightforward. Instead, click Comment. This will open up a new toolbar at the top.

4. We're interested in the Add text box button (highlighted). Click this and drag your text box over the bit we want to write over or hide.

5. Write the text you want to show then change the font, font size and colour to suit your needs.

6. Have you noticed the annoying coloured box around the outside? We don't want that so let's get rid of it.

Click anywhere outside the text box and then right-click inside it. A menu will appear. Click properties.

Change the border colour to your choice. If you want to change the fill colour as well, you can do that from here. Click OK.

7. Feel smug that you can now print your sheets straight from your computer without having to print, tippex, hand write and photocopy.

Note: at first glance, it appears as if this sheet has the wrong learning objective on it because the work is about finding 100 more and less but the objective is 1000 more or less. This is because it is from a set of sheets covering the teaching objective for 1000 more or less but this is the lower ability sheet which focuses on finding 100 more or less - another great example of where you may want to change something on a PDF if your school is happy for you to have different objectives for different children.

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