Add and subtract 100s worksheets (Year 3 Addition and Subtraction)

Add and subtract 100s worksheets (Year 3 Addition and Subtraction)


These ready-to-use worksheets allow teachers to provide tasks to Year 3 children on the maths topic of Add and subtract 100s.
They form part of a series of lessons on Addition and Subtraction which include coverage of the objectives:
• Add and subtract numbers mentally, including: a three-digit number and ones; a three-digit number and tens; a three-digit number and hundreds
• Add and subtract numbers with up to three digits, using formal written methods of columnar addition and subtraction
• Estimate the answer to a calculation and use inverse operations to check answers
• Solve problems, including missing number problems, using number facts, place value and more complex addition and subtraction.
These worksheets are available as part of the Add and subtract 100s lesson pack.

The worksheets are editable, giving you the option to make any changes you feel necessary with the knowledge you have about your class and school setting.



This set of worksheets contains only two differentiated sheets. It is intended that lower ability children complete the middle ability sheet but with additional support through adult guidance, extra resources or (ideally) both.

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